1. We recommend that you set up an Official Facebook PAGE (rather than a Facebook GROUP). Pages are recommended over groups to allow tips to be messaged to the Page. This option is not available in Groups.

2. Since this is the Official Page, a family member should be at least one of the administrators for the Page.

3. The Cover Photo and Profile Picture is preferably the flier.

4. Create a Pinned Post. This post should include a picture of the flier and the basic information about the case (Name, Place & Date Last Seen, Age, Height, Weight, Eye & Hair Color, Tattoos, Jewelry, Clothing, Transportation, etc.). Links to the NCMEC or NamUs profile should be included in the Pinned Post. If you have a Fund Raising campaign, this is a good place for a link to it as well. Post a timeline of the disappearance of the case in your pinned post as well.

5. Share and encourage other to share lots of pictures of the missing. Avoid posting pictures that use filters or have been highly altered. The more candid pictures, the better.

4. Post links to media coverage.

5. Post important dates: Birthdays, vigils, searches, flier handouts, etc.

6. Keep a positive relationship with law enforcement. Keep posts on the page positive.