1. Ideally, download a PDF copy of the flier, and print using 28 pound paper. If you are paying to have the fliers printed, ask for a discount.

  2. Make a few large copies of the flier as well. These can be put inside car windows / back windshields.

  3. Always ask permission before hanging a flier. Remember to bring your own tape.

  4. Suggestions of places to hand out fliers:

  • Start at the place of last known location, then work your way out concentrically from there

  • Drive through restaurants - ask them to post it where the drive through workers can see the flier

  • Cheap hotels - give to the managers in case it is a human trafficking abduction

  • Take fliers to your local fire and rescue stations, and have them post them in their buildings for different rotations to see

  • Get in touch with local radio stations (big and small) have them mention the missing person and see if they can post a flier on their website

  • Attend a local event (festivals, sporting events)

  • Street intersection hand out with police escort

  • Convenience stores

  • Schools

  • Grocery stores

  • Banks

  • Stores

  • Truck stops

  • Gas stations

  • Hotels

  • Homeless shelters

  • Public transportation

  • Libraries

  • Churches

  • Lyft / Uber drivers

  • Airplanes (back of seats)

  • Malls

  • Pizza companies (tape to boxes)