1. Organize meals for the family. Create a schedule for volunteers who would like to have food delivered to the home. Use either restaurants who deliver, or “drop at the door” and go. When someone first goes missing, there isn’t much time for visiting.

  2. Have one person designated to talk with the family and to pass along information to all concerned. Try not to overwhelm the family with phone calls, messages, or visits.

  3. Go to gas stations and local businesses along the route from the last place seen to major interstates and ask them to share surveillance with law enforcement.

  4. Drop off paper or plastic plates, utensils, and cups to help reduce the family’s need for household chores.

  5. Either put a flier on the window of your car, or write the missing person’s information on the back windshield of your car: MISSING! Name, Age, Height, Weight, Hair Color, Eye Color.

  6. Raise funds. Family is going to need money to print fliers, for potential reward money, private investigators, and money to cover being out of work.

  7. Find connections to local media (Print, Radio, and TV). Use those connections to get the missing person’s story on the news as soon as possible. Have them mention the missing person and see if they can post a flier on their website.

  8. Start an Official Facebook Page (not a Group, but a Page): “Help Find xxxxx”. A Page allows private messages to be sent to the Page. A Facebook Group does not have this option. This messaging option is very important to allow tips to be sent into the family. At least one administrator of the group should be a member of the family. [See CREATING OFFICIAL FB PAGE for more information]

  9. Share fliers on social media and distribute in person. [See DISTRIBUTING FLIERS for more information]

  10. Plan an event, such as a candlelight vigil. Invite media.

  11. Organize a VOLUNTEER SEARCH.